Asymptomatic COVID-19: how to detect and prevent spread.

Scientists continue to study the coronavirus to prevent its spread and the sad results from the second wave of the virus outbreak. A new study by South Korean scientists has confirmed the scientists’ hypothesis that many people are infected but do not have any symptoms. The virus lives on the lining of their nose, mouth, and throat, as in symptomatic patients.

The hypothesis that the coronavirus can live and not manifest itself has existed since the very beginning of the pandemic. Some scientists have warned that such people are the source of the rapid spread of SARS-CoV-2. They can be found in public places without hindrance and carry the virus. Whereas symptomatic patients are forced to stay on self-isolation.

After research by South Korean scientists, some governments may revise the rules for maintaining distance and tighten quarantine rules. But it should be noted that people who have asymptomatic coronavirus are less dangerous for her to share the virus.

Despite the ongoing debate among scientists about the transmission of the virus, the results of the new study cannot be ignored. Scientists have provided ample evidence that asymptomatic coronavirus is as dangerous as symptomatic. Therefore, the risk of the spread of the virus increases significantly due to the inability to identify the people who carry the virus. You cannot ignore the fact that people who have asymptomatic coronavirus can contact a large number of people by visiting cafes, cinemas, going to work, and at the same time touching all sorts of objects. No one can guarantee that saliva does not get on their hands before they touch something.

Scientists continue to conduct studies of asymptomatic patients and their results depend on how the coronavirus will spread. If they prove that such patients are a full-fledged source of the virus, then the rules of quarantine restrictions will become much stricter.

If a person does not have any symptoms of coronavirus, this does not mean that the number of viral bacteria in him/her is less than in those who have severe symptoms. Scientists have found that both groups of people infected with the virus have the same viral load. Today, scientists can say that asymptomatic patients heal faster on average 2 to 3 days than those with symptoms.

People who have asymptomatic coronavirus spread the virus without even knowing it. This is a problem that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Now, doctors only test those with symptoms. Testing all without exception is impossible from the economic point of view and physically. Identifying patients with coronavirus but no symptoms are challenging. Therefore, scientists will conduct a lot of research that will help find a way to detect the virus in asymptomatic patients.

In the past month, people have become safer and do not adhere to the rules of distancing. After the results of the new research, many of us should think that perhaps we are the carrier of a dangerous virus. Many skeptics argue that wearing masks is an ineffective way to reduce the spread of the virus, as only infected people should wear them. The results of a new study confirm that the mask is the main attribute in the fight against the spread of the virus since no one can be sure that he/she is healthy.

Therefore, each of us must be responsible and adhere to all the rules of carnival restrictions. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, continue to wear the mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands.

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