5 minute workout for busy people.


Regardless of your lifestyle, you need to exercise, which accelerates blood circulation, fills your blood with oxygen, and of course, helps burn excess fat or prevent its appearance. The benefits of physical activity have been proven by many researchers. But despite all our knowledge and a large flow of information, not all of us can find time to visit the gym. Professional trainer Michelle Bridges offers you a high-intensity workout that you can do at home without additional sports equipment.

The training is developed in the HIIT style and takes only 5 minutes. We are sure that each of us can find this time even in the busiest schedule. You can perform the training at any time convenient for you.

High-intensity workouts increase the metabolic rate well and help burn fat in a short period.

The exercises that are used in this workout are simple and do not require special skills.

Before a workout, warm-up and prepare your muscles for exercise. Do not skip the warm-up, as this may harm your body. Untrained muscles are at a greater risk of injury. To warm-up, you can use jogging, which makes your cardiovascular system work and warms up the whole body. If you do not want to run, you can jump on a skipping rope.

For training, you will need a tamer. Before starting, set the time to 30 seconds. This is the time for hard work. After each exercise, you can take a 10-20 second break. Therefore, consider this time, too.

Perform exercises with maximum effort. You can do exercises without a break, but if you are not a beginner in sports and feel good.

Stretch after you finish your workout. This is an important part of your workout that will help restore your breathing, and your muscles will recover faster. At the same time, stretching helps make your body more flexible and mobile.

If you are just starting to engage in betting, then you should not try to do everything at a high-intensity pace. Start at a slow pace and gradually increase it.

Attention: each exercise will be completed within 30 seconds.

Step aerobics exercise
You should use the platform for this exercise. Do basic moves in step aerobic – step on the platform at a fast pace.

Make a half squat and squeeze it in one and then the other side.

Fast run to the side.
Raising your knees high, run three steps one side and the other.

Jumping jacks
Jumping with legs wide apart. While jumping, spread your arms to the side.

The classic exercise which you can do from the knees or in the plank.

Standing in the lunges position, change your leg using jumps.

High Knees
Quickly alternating legs raise the knee and connect with the elbow of the opposite arm.

Jumping in the plank
Stand on the bar and jump with both legs to the chest and then return and use jumping.

Lunge kicks
This is a type of lunges in which when you return to the starting position you throw your leg forward as in kickboxing.

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