A few simple rules to improve the quality of your nutrition.


Do you want to have a beautiful and healthy body? Pay attention to what you eat and how you do it. Nutrition is the foundation of your well-being, so here are some simple rules. Which will improve the quality of your nutrition and make you healthier.

Food preparation method.
Fried food contains many unhealthy elements and fats. Therefore, give preference to such cooking methods as boiling, blanching, and stewing. These methods allow you to preserve the maximum of useful elements in food.
Balanced diet.
Each meal should contain protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Many Americans are used to having breakfast with sweet cereals or fresh juices. This is the worst breakfast option. Fasting sugar consumption leads to abnormal blood sugar levels and diabetes. Also, dietitians insist on eating enough fiber to improve bowel function. Also, opt for light protein for dinner to avoid overloading your gastrointestinal tract. Also, you should only eat when you feel hungry.
Don’t eat on the go.
Although the pace of modern life is too harsh and requires haste, you should learn to find time to eat. As a rule, snacks on the move provide more calories than in a rest state. You don’t notice how much you’ve eaten, and your brain doesn’t receive a satiety signal.
Don’t eat while watching TV.
When you eat, you should focus your attention on this process. Thus, your brain receives the satiety signal promptly. When you watch TV or read, your brain is busy and can’t get the signal it needs.

Monotonous food gets boring quickly, and you want to replace it with something sweet and tasty. A variety of foods provide you with all the vitamins and elements you need, so your body does not require additional pleasure. Healthy food can be delicious and varied. For example, you can use the recipes of the famous American chef Jamie Oliver. He offers delicious and healthy dishes that will give you taste and benefit.

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