A plank: a universal exercise for all workouts.


A plank can be called a universal exercise that is used by all coaches of all sports. It is suitable for both strength training and stretching. Despite the rather simple technique of performing this exercise, not everyone likes to do it, it’s quite difficult to stand on the plank even for 30 seconds.

Advantages of the plank.
This exercise develops muscle endurance. You will not be able to increase muscle mass thanks to this exercise, but endurance will help you to do strength exercises better and with a lot of repetitions. Your muscles do not get tired quickly.

Also to this, we need the endurance to solve everyday problems, so use the plank even if you are not preparing for a marathon.

The plank strengthens the muscles that support our spine. Therefore, the plank improves posture, strengthens the muscles of the abs and core.

If you want to make a beautiful press, then the plank is one of the best exercises that affect the state of the rectus muscle and transverse muscles. Thanks to this exercise, your abs become flat. If you want cubes on your stomach, then you need to add the other kind of exercise.

If you want beautiful glutes, then this exercise is also suitable. During this exercise, all muscle groups located on the glutes work.

Other muscles in your body can also be involved; it all depends on the type of plank. Each type of it uses additional muscles.

It is necessary to keep a level from one to two minutes. But if you are a beginner, start with 30 seconds. Then take a 10-second break and repeat a few times. After two weeks, your muscles will become stronger and more resilient, and you can increase the time to one minute.

Planks are safe for daily use. You can do marathons, too. But if you have injuries to your wrists or hands, then doctors do not recommend performing this exercise.
This exercise should be carefully performed for those who have problems with the cardiovascular system.

You must adhere to the rules for this exercise so that the plank does not harm your health. Excessive deflection or rounding of the back can give the wrong load on the joints.

The hips should be in line with the spine, and the arms are strictly under the shoulders. The correct position of your body ensures the effectiveness of this exercise.

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