A set of exercises for beautiful legs.


Nice legs with firm hips will make your outfit look sexier. Slender and beautiful legs are the dream of many girls. If you want to improve the shape of your legs, you should add a set of leg exercises to your workout. Some specific exercises will help you get in perfect shape.

Not all exercises can improve leg shape. Also, the exercises are done in a certain sequence with an emphasis on the technique of execution, so that the effect is much better.

If you do a set of exercises 4-5 times a week, you can wear sexy shorts or stun passers-by with your look in tight jeans. You need to know which muscles need to work to take benefits from exercise.

Types of leg muscles:

  • the front of the thigh;
  • the back of the thigh;
  • calf muscles.

A professional trainer can choose a set of exercises for you easily, taking into account your physical characteristics. Generally, the best exercises for improving leg shape are:

  • lunges,
  • jumping to the side,
  • side squats,
  • curtsy,
  • deadlift with dumbbells,
  • lifting the leg to the side.

Also, you should know that a beautiful leg shape is impossible without elastic gluteal muscles. Therefore, your workouts should include a load on the glutes.

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