Antibiotics: benefit or harm.


The antibiotic appeared relatively recently, but despite its young age, it has become an indispensable medicine for many inflammatory diseases. The advent of the antibiotic was a great medical breakthrough that saved many lives. Despite its benefits, many doctors and scientists talk about the dangers of using antibiotics. Opinions are divided into two lagers, which have facts to support their theory.

Antibiotic advocates agree that antibiotics have side effects, but the right therapy can minimize their negative effects. Also, they believe that the benefits of antibiotics are much greater than the disadvantages. To avoid the destructive power of antibiotics, you should only take them as directed by your doctor. The uncontrolled use of antibiotics can destroy your microflora and cause enormous harm to your health.

The range of action of antibiotics is not limited to the destruction of bacteria that have entered the human body and provoked inflammation. Unfortunately, by destroying the pathogenic bacteria, antibiotics also attack the beneficial bacteria that support the microbiome. The intestines contain about two kilograms of microbes, which keep your intestines working properly.

Also, your skin, mouth, and genitals contain beneficial bacteria that keep your body healthy. All of these groups of bacteria interact and maintain a bacterial balance. Antibiotics can cause bacteria to imbalance and cause fungi (unhealthy bacteria) to grow.

Despite this destructive power of antibiotics, you shouldn’t give up on them. Your doctor can prevent the negative effects of antibiotics on your health. As a rule, doctors will prescribe additional medications along with antibiotics that neutralize their negative effects.

Also, only a doctor can prescribe you the type of antibiotic that is intended for the bacteria that caused your illness. Broad-spectrum antibiotics are usually not prescribed by doctors, as they destroy a large number of beneficial bacteria. It is too difficult to restore them.

You can stop taking antibiotics, but are you sure you can find a safe alternative? You must understand that there are no safe drugs in the world. Even the most harmless drug, if used incorrectly, causes devastating results.

Antibiotics are powerful drugs that affect your health. It can save your life or damage your health. Therefore, never take antibiotics as a preventive measure. Dose, the type, and duration of antibiotic use can be prescribed only by a doctor.

If you take antibiotics without a doctor’s supervision, it has undesirable consequences:

  • destruction of intestinal microflora,
  • allergy,
  • toxicity,
  • destruction of immunity.

Before prescribing antibiotics, your doctor should do medical testing of your health. Based on your test results, the doctor chooses the type of antibiotic. Having the choice of an antibiotic, the doctor pays attention to:

  • the state of your microflora that caused the infectious process,
  • the ability of the drug to penetrate the focus of infection,
  • the state of the function of the liver,
  • kidneys, and urinary tractm
  • the risk of side effects,
  • age,
  • the presence of pregnancy, lactation.

At the same time, the correct use of an antibiotic can save your life, get rid of inflammation, and improve your health. Follow your doctor’s recommendations, and your health will be safe.

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