Applications for emotional balance during self-isolation


If you are a law-abiding citizen of your country and responsibly care about yourself and your relatives, then you are probably sitting at home in self-isolation. Most people feel how COVID-19 made adjustments in everyday life. Everyone is forced to change their habits and adapt to new rules of life. As it turned out to stay at home is a little challenging. As a result, the level of nervousness rises, which adversely affects the body. News is also not encouraging forecasts and people are plunged into sadness. To prevent this from happening with you, we suggest subscribing to some applications that will help you stay calm and in harmony.

This application invites you to improve your condition through meditation and awareness. By setting this application you get access to meditations, lectures, and videos. All of this content is designed to increase energy levels and calm the mind. All lectures and meditations are available only in English. A calm and pleasant voice leads you through meditation to harmony. Even if you have never had any experience in meditation with the Headspace app, it is easy. During an epidemic, Headspace offers free access to its content. Thus, the owners of the application provide you their care and support.

This application offers you to use the services of a qualified therapist. If during self-isolation you have questions about the state of your health or your family members, you can send a message in the application. A certified doctor reviews your message and answers. Thus, you get medical care without leaving your home. Counseling is provided at any time of the day.

With this application, you can monitor your mood. You should take your photo every day and upload photos in the application. It processes your photos and gives the result of the dynamics of your emotions. Thanks to this way you can understand what is happening with your emotional state and take measures to prevent depression. In addition to emotions, you can monitor your sleep, workouts, and nutrition.

This application is designed for literature lovers. If you like to spend time reading books, then thanks to this application you can be in a huge library with hundreds of books. But, all of them are available only in audio format. If you want your eyes to rest from the pages of a book, a TV screen or a laptop, then this is ideal for you. You pick up your headphones and listen to your favorite book. What can be better?

Down dog
An emotional state cannot be improved without physical exertion. It has long been proven that moderate exercise increases the level of hormones of joy. Therefore, take advantage of Down Dog workouts and spend time with the benefit of the body and soul. The application offers many free types of workout until April 1. Take the opportunity to try something new.

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