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Dwarfism drug aims to boost healthy growth

Scientists hope a new type of medication could boost healthy growth in children born with dwarfism. Sam Short, nine, from south-west London has been on the treatment for three years as part of a global trial. It is experimental

We Did Two Hours of (Very) Hot Yoga With Goldie

You're into yoga, has that always been the case?Not at all. I used to work out a lot in the gym and got pretty hench, but I didn’t focus on my core, breathing, or mind state – all the things that make yoga such an incredible approach to…

How To Start Training With Gymnastic Rings

Photography: Glen Burrows. Model: James StarkIf you’re like most of the population, your first look at gymnastics rings probably came via the Olympics, courtesy of improbably-muscled athletes doing moves that look like Batman’s warm-up.But…