Benefits of Pilates


If you are looking for a kind sport that will help you strengthen all the muscles in your body without heavy cardio or weights, so you should try Pilates. Don’t rush to give up this idea just because you think it is boring, monotonous and ineffective exercise. You may not have tried real Pilates if you have this belief.

Few people know that Pilates can be performed both on a mat and using various equipment such as the Reformer, Cadillac, and Wunda Chair. Each of these machines provides a different level of resistance, puts extra stress on your muscles, and helps you maintain proper body position during exercise.

Pilates originated in the early 20th century to improve the mental and physical condition of patients. But over time, this method spread throughout the world and in the early 20s of the 20th century, the first Pilates studio was opened in New York.

Pilates has a huge selection of exercises to suit different levels of physical condition, so people of all ages can use Pilates to maintain their physical fitness. Also, Pilates can be used by people who have some health problems so it has a low level of impact on the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system. But, this does not mean that you can use Pilates without consulting a doctor if you have chronic medical conditions or serious health problems.

Benefits of Pilates.
Although pilates enthusiasts suggest a lot of factors that support the health benefits of Pilates, scientists do not have a sufficient evidence base for the benefits of Pilates over other types of physical activity. Scientists agree that Pilates strengthens the body, but for the big facts, they need more research.

The effectiveness and benefits of Pilates are confirmed by the reviews of practitioners, which demonstrate amazing results. Also, many athletes and dancers use Pilates as part of their workout to help improve joint health, relieve muscle tension, and relax the entire body.

We can suggest you familiarize yourself with several of the main benefits of Pilates that will convince you to practice Pilates at least a few times a week.

Reduces backache.
People who have lower backache report that after a few Pilates sessions, lower back pain will decrease. This fact can be explained by the mild effect of Pilates exercises on the spine, as well as by the absence of sudden movements. At the same time, during exercise, blood formation improves, and pain decreases. But, you have to be careful, because some Pilates trainers may not be using the right technique or recommending exercises for you. If you have back or joint problems, then you can only do Pilates exercises using support In this way, you reduce pressure and the risk of harm to your body.

Helps to lose weight.
Pilates has different levels and effects on your muscles. Despite the low cardio load, your muscles are under sufficient stress and metabolic processes begin to improve. Thus, you spend calories and your fat melts.
But you must understand that without proper nutrition, the process of losing weight is impossible. If you add aerobic exercise to your exercise schedule, you will end up with a lean body with beautiful shapes.

Promotes muscle gain.
During exercise, you tense your muscles and they work harder. Also, during Pilates, a special breathing technique is used to help oxygenate your muscles, which helps to improve their performance. Note that all muscle groups are involved in the exercise. The body is worked out as a whole, and not in separate areas.

Improves core.
Pilates is one of the most effective ways to improve look and shape your abs. In doing so, you do not use heavy weights and do not exhaust yourself with strength exercises. You achieve excellent results by tightening the muscles in a balanced position.

Improves flexibility.
Pilates allows your body to naturally engage all joints and ligaments. You do not subject them to stressful exercises but gently stretch them. As a result, the flexibility of your body is improved, and you feel your body moving easily and correctly. Pilates gives you lightness
grace, the plasticity of movements. But that’s not all you get from Pilates. The main benefit of Pilates is that your body and mind are in perfect condition.

Improves your posture.
A healthy spine is a basis for the health of your entire musculoskeletal system and other systems in your body. Your spine should be upright, but a sedentary lifestyle, working at a computer, and time with gadget affect the position of the spine and deform it. Pilate strengthens the muscles that support the spine and thus prevent the spine from deforming. By doing Pilates you run the risk of having a beautiful and even posture.

Improves the work of the cardiovascular system.
Pilates has a cardiac stimulating effect that can help your heart function better. If you use a reformer, then it increases the cardio load and you get more benefit.

To summarize, we can say that Pilates has a positive effect on your health. You need to decide on the goals of your classes and then choose the appropriate type of Pilates. But even if you do simple Pilates exercises without additional equipment, the positive effect will come soon.

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