Best Ready-to-Drink Whiskey Canned Cocktails


You love your whiskey. And whether you’re currently sipping your way through the best whiskey releases of 2022 or have been opting for the same bottle of High West Campfire Whiskey more times than you can count this summer, it’s never a bad time to befriend whiskey canned cocktails. Of late, a new crop of ready-to-sip boozy beverages have arrived—and they impress with standout ingredients, top-shelf whiskey, and a lack of gross additives. Refreshing, flavor-packed, and affordable, here are our 10 favorites.

Can of Cutwater Spirits Whiskey Mule
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1. Cutwater Spirits Whiskey Mule

This ready-to-drink whiskey mule is 7% ABV and packs a zing, thanks to ginger beer, a touch of lime, and aromatic bitters. Cutwater‘s award-winning bourbon whiskey is also well worth sipping on by itself.

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Man holding an open can of Spiritless Whiskey Cocktails poured into a rocks glass.
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2. Spiritless Whiskey Cocktails

Spiritless churns out non-alcoholic whiskey beverages that replicate the real deal quite impressively. Currently, they have the Whiskey Sour (the lemon and cane sugar flavors stand out) and Old Fashioned (with notes of chai, clove, and cinnamon) ready-to-drink canned cocktails on offer. Savor them sans alcohol or put a splash of your favorite whiskey in a glass for a low-ABV beverage. Whether you’re taking a break from booze or doing the designated driving for the evening, these nuanced classic cocktails stand up deliciously on their own.

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Can and box container of Greenbar Distillery Whiskey + Soda
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3. Greenbar Distillery Whiskey + Soda

With a 7% ABV, this invigorating tipple is a balanced highball cocktail with an American single malt base. Described as “light, floral and dry without compromising on the cocktail’s signature rich and smooth swig,” we say it’s a refreshing beverage that pairs well with your couch and a great read.

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