Chicory improves your health.


Chicory is used as a drink that can replace coffee and get a boost of energy without caffeine. The beneficial properties of chicory root have been known since ancient times and have been used in medicine. Chicory powder is taken from the root of a plant that belongs to the dandelion family. But besides the coffee substitute and the lack of caffeine, chicory has many beneficial properties. Therefore, if you decide to quit caffeine, chicory will help you survive the period of withdrawal.

It will be helpful for you to learn that chicory has beneficial properties that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of your body.

Improves bowel function.
For good bowel function, you should consume enough prebiotics. Inulin is found in large quantities in it and improves the gut microbiome, and increases the number of beneficial bacteria. As a result, the inflammatory processes in the intestines decrease, and your intestines work properly.
Also, chicory is a great way to fight constipation without causing diarrhea.

Regulates blood sugar levels.
Some studies have shown that people who have high blood sugar can drink chicory as a way to lower it. This drink blocks high fluctuations in glucose and increases resistance to “bad” cholesterol. Chicory affects overall health, which is extremely important for those suffering from diabetes. Chicory increases the HbA1c level, which is responsible for blood sugar levels. Chicory removes toxins from the blood that fills the vessels during the development of type 1 and 2 diabetes.

Rejuvenates cells throughout the body.
Chicory contains antioxidants that reduce and prevent inflammation. Research confirms that chicory affects the health of the liver, which is one of the main detoxifying organs.

Helps to lose weight.
Inulin helps to process glucose quickly and it does not have time to settle as fat on your waist. Also, chicory improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal system and helps to break down fats. As a result, food is absorbed much faster, and fats are not stored in the body. Also, those who consume chicory claim that after a cup of drink their appetite decreases. Therefore, if you find it difficult to control your desire to eat, drink a cup of chicory, and you will forget about food for a while.

Unfortunately, it is hard to find chicory in the USA. It is sold only in specialized stores or on Amazon. Notice that you can buy both chicory root and chicory powder and make a drink from it.

Ground chicory root is used only for a drink instead of coffee. It has a specific smell and taste, so cooking doesn’t use it.

Please note that excessive consumption of chicory can have negative consequences. You should not drink more than 3 cups a day, otherwise, you can disrupt the absorption of calcium, lower your sugar level to a critical level. Also, pregnancy and the period of mentoring are a contraindication for the use of chicory.

Also, those who have allergies to various herbs should avoid chicory, too. Doctors do not recommend this drink for people with irritable bowel syndrome as it causes gas.

Chicory is a healthy and tasty drink that can help you get rid of your caffeine addiction, but you should use it with caution.

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