Coronavirus make problems Tokyo Marathon 2020


Coronavirus destroys the plans of many people and organizations. This fate was not spared the runners’ marathon in March 2020, which should be held in Tokyo. It was originally planned that 37,000 marathon runners will take part in this marathon. But after the coronavirus introduced its correctives and only elite runners are allowed to the marathon. This upset fans and potential participants in the marathon who cannot run the distance in the largest runner competition on March 1, 2020

This sad news was posted on the official website of the marathon. The organizers report that in connection with the current situation in the world, they are forced to take security measures. The situation got even harder after a case of coronavirus was registered in Tokyo. Therefore, the organizer had to make a difficult decision and reduce the scale of the upcoming event.

The coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) arose in China at the end of last year. The virus quickly spread throughout the world and spread to 27 countries including the USA and Japan. According to representatives of the World Health Organization, as of February 17, there are more than 1,770 deaths from a coronavirus in the world, including one death in Japan.

Such data from the World Health Organization and disappointing forecasts of doctors from around the world forced the organizers of the marathon to allow only a limited number of participants to the marathon. All other marathon runners who registered for the 2020 marathon and paid the registration fee have the right to take part in the 2021 marathon, while no refunds will be made, they will be credited for registration for the 2021 marathon.

Unfortunately, the marathon in Tokyo is not the first and not the last event that suffered from the coronavirus. In East Asia, several football matches, the Asian Champions League were canceled and the World Athletics Championship was postponed to 2021.

Now the world has stood still in anticipation of how events will develop around the summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, which is due to take place on July 24, 2020. The participation of the Chinese team is at stake and other countries are very concerned about the safety of their athletes and citizens who will arrive at the Olympics as spectators. Such a precedent was already when the Olympics were held during the outbreak of the virus. In 2016, the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro was held during the outbreak of Zika virus. Nevertheless, this world event was not canceled or rescheduled.

To this day, the Olympic Committee has not considered the question of transferring the World Games, but what will happen in the future just time will show us. We can only hope that the coronavirus will calm down and everything will fall into place.

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