COVID vaccination: cancellation of mask regimen or not.


Today,  COVID vaccination goes on for citizens of different countries in a significant part of the world. More and more people agree to be vaccinated following the example of celebrities and political leaders. Recently it became known that former US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania were vaccinated against the coronavirus in January, although they hid this fact from the public. Why they hid this fact is not known. Their representatives do not give any official explanation. Also, Americans do not know what vaccine the former president used.

However, vaccinations continue in the United States and around the world. Despite its speed in economically developed countries, many people do not have enough information about it. They cannot understand the quarantine restrictions after large-scale vaccinations.

Some people hope that vaccination will make it possible to stop the mask regimen. However, the WHO says vaccination is not a guarantee of avoiding an infection like COVID-19, so eliminating mask mode is not a smart decision.

The COVID-19 vaccine builds up a “social immunity” that prevents outbreaks of disease.

According to WHO recommendations, people who have been vaccinated must comply with safety rules and adhere to quarantine restrictions. Vaccination does not allow people from neglecting their health and those around them.

Today, the governments of most countries urge their citizens to wear masks and respirators with an increased class of protection. At the same time, there are penalties for neglecting this rule in some countries.

Summing up, we can say that exemption from wearing masks has not been established in any country.

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