Depression can cause a heart attack.


Depression is a chemical change in the human brain that cannot go away without the help of a professional. This disease disrupts all areas of a person’s life, including his/her physical health. Scientists have found that depression can cause heart attacks and disrupt heart function.

Depression, like most mental disorders, affects the entire world and worsens a person’s mood. Constant sadness, apathy, and an inability to get pleasure are signs of depression.
Scientists found that people who suffer from depression are more likely to develop pathologies of the cardiovascular system.
A blockage of an artery is usually the cause of a heart attack. Blood does not move through the circulatory system in the required amount, and your cells are deficient in oxygen. At the same time, cholesterol is the main enemy of your blood vessels. It can settle on their walls and become an obstacle to blood circulation.
Recent studies have shown that depression is as dangerous as cholesterol, high blood pressure, and blockage of the artery as a cause of cardiovascular disease. The research went on for ten years. To summarize, the researchers found that people with depression are more likely to develop heart disease or suffered a stroke.
Scientists attribute this to the fact that people with depression tend to neglect the principles of a healthy lifestyle. If they do not seek help from a specialist, then their life is filled with seclusion, the wrong food, and is characterized by constant sadness, a sense of uselessness, a loss of interest in physical activity, and so on.
All these factors lead to disruption of the cardiovascular system and the occurrence of a heart attack.

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