Energy drink addiction: how you can get rid of it.


Some people in big cities suffer from a lack of energy. They try to raise their energy levels in several ways, including drinking unlimited coffee. But, in recent decades, coffee has not been the most sought-after energy-boosting drink. It was replaced by energy drinks, which give cheerfulness for several hours. Drinking a jar of energy in your concentration increases several times and you don’t feel tired.

The main ingredient in energy drinks is caffeine. Additional ingredients can be sugar or sweeteners, plant extracts, vitamins, or amino acids.

Most of those who consume energy drinks regularly note that their activity and ability to work are at the highest level, and they do not want to give up the use of these drinks because they are afraid to lose this level of energy. Scientists have conducted several studies and have found that even though energies invigorate in the best way, they cause addiction. Caffeine and sugar (sweeteners) in those doses in which they are contained in energy drinks affect the work of the nervous system and are addictive. Also, frequent consumption of energy drinks increases the risk of developing various diseases including diabetes, obesity, and malfunctioning of the nervous system.

Side effects of consuming energy drinks.

Energy drinks are addictive and your body cannot function efficiently without such drink. Also, this problem is psychological, too. Even though energy drinks affect your health and behavior, you continue to drink them. This psychological aspect is similar to drug addiction and alcoholism, although it does not have such devastating consequences as they do.

The World Health Organization does not recognize energy drink addiction as a disease. Although doctors say that this addiction has similarities with drug addiction and also causes changes in the work of the nervous system and affects the work of the brain negatively.

Symptoms of energy drink addiction:

  • uncontrollable desire to drink another dose of energy,
  • unlimited drink consumption,
  • headache after skipping a dose or completely stopping drinking energy drinks,
  • depressed mood without using energy,
  • chronic fatigue without the use of energy drinks.

Dental problems.
Frequent consumption of energizers leads to the destruction of enamel and teeth discoloration. Sugar or sugar substitutes destroy the structure of the tooth, and this leads to tooth decay or other dental problems.

Weight gain.
Energy drinks are too high in calories. One small serving of the drink contains over 100 calories, which go into your body from sugar and turn into fat. And if you drink 4-5 cans a day, then your chance to gain a lot of fat is too huge.
Even if you consuming energy drinks without sugar will not diminish the destructive effect. Instead of sugar, it contains various sweeteners and flavor enhancers that harm your health.

Chronic diseases and diabetes.
Frequent consumption of energy drinks causes the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and insomnia.

Also, regular consumption of energy drinks requires financial costs. Calculate how much money you spend on energy drinks per month and get an impressive amount.

How to reduce the suffering of energy drink abandonment.
If you consume energy drinks for a long time every day and several times a day, then you will have to work hard to get rid of this addiction. You will feel physical discomfort and psychological dissatisfaction after giving up energy drinks. Headache, lack of energy, and desire to do something, a feeling of apathy and anxiety are symptoms of abstinence, and they may appear within a few hours after refusal. The duration of the grafting of the body to live without additional energy stimulants depends on the severity of the addiction. But this period lasts no more than 10 days. There are exceptions, but these are isolated severe cases.

If you feel that you cannot cope with the symptoms on your own, then you should see a doctor. It will help you reduce pain symptoms and you can get throughout energy withdrawal.

Also, you can use alternative ways to maintain energy levels that are not addictive or harmful to your health:

  • green tea,
  • decaffeinated coffee,
  • herbal teas and juices,
  • matcha.

Plus, changing your lifestyle will help you get rid of your addiction to energy drinks. If you live in constant stress, do not get enough sleep, do not eat well, or do any kind of sports, then your energy is at zero levels. Naturally that you need additional energy stimulants. Pay attention to how you live and your rhythm of life. Set priorities and start taking care of your health and quality of life.

Avoiding energy drinks will benefit your health and financial condition. Take care of yourself and stay awake without additional stimulants.

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