Five mistakes that affect the effectiveness of training.


If you go to the gym regularly and follow all the instructions of the trainer, but you don’t see the result, then maybe you are doing something wrong. The trainers say a few mistakes that many beginner athletes make. These mistakes are very simple, and you can easily eliminate them. If you ignore them, then it will be more difficult for you to achieve the desired result, and sometimes they can seriously harm your health.

Trainers can name a lot of habits that affect the quality of the workout. But we have identified only a few of the most common and dangerous. Examine them carefully and determine if you have these habits. If it turns out that you are using one or more of them, then rather get rid and go to the right path.

Workout on an empty stomach

You probably heard that working out on an empty stomach early in the morning helps to burn more calories, which means you lose fat faster. But studies show that such an approach can harm the quality of muscle mass. During training, the body needs glucose, which it takes from food. If there is no fuel in the organism, it begins to take glucose from the muscles, thereby destroying their structure. Thus, if you want your body to look beautiful, and not just to be thin, then you need to take care of the state of your muscles. Trainers recommend eating a light snack an hour before training. It can be fruit, peanut butter, or Greek yogurt.

Thus, glucose will enter your bloodstream and your body will be able to work harder. Your stamina is increased and you can do the workout longer.

Another disadvantage of training on an empty stomach is dizziness. A lack of glucose in the blood during intense exercise leads to negative consequences.

You ignore stretching.

Some fans of strength exercises do not do stretching after the main workout and argue that stretching does not increase muscle mass, which means it is useless. This is a blunder that leads to cramps and injuries. After any workout, your muscles should recover to be healthy. Also, during stretching, each cell of your muscles is saturated with oxygen and metabolic processes improve. Perform several stretching exercises within 5 minutes, and you will notice that your body takes on the desired shape.

Lack of strength workout.

We agree that strength training is a big load, and not everyone wants to load themselves. Despite the complexity of strength training, their effectiveness is difficult to overestimate. Strength training helps increase muscle mass. We know that the more muscles in our body, the less fat. During strength training, your heart rate rises, this means you burn more calories.

You can build your strength training as you wish. Use several exercises for different muscle groups and make a circle out of them. Repeat 4-5 of these circles and you will get a full strength training. You can also use a mix of strength and cardio exercises. For example, do 20 push-ups, then 30 seconds of jumps, then 20 squats, and again 30 seconds of running in place with your knees held high. Choose exercises for all groups of muscles and do a circular training.

The same type of training for a long time.

Coming to the gym, people do the same exercises to which they are accustomed and know how to perform them. These exercises are given to them easily and without stress. This is a mistake because your muscles do not feel the necessary load, which means they are not working at full strength. Your workouts are not 100% complete. Trainers recommend changing the type of load every two weeks. This approach takes your body to a new level. You can radically change the type of training or dilute your usual training with new exercises or the number of approaches, increasing weights.

Do not be afraid to experiment, this will make your training more effective and interesting.

Using the gym for a selfie.

According to some trainers, some people come to the gym not for a beautiful body and health, but for taking a selfie. They try to photograph themselves during exercise and lose concentration. This leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of the workout and can cause various injuries. Therefore, leave your phone in the locker room and focus on the technique of the exercises, and not on how you are looking at the moment.

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