Foods that raise blood pressure.


High blood pressure is a dangerous condition that you must control to avoid death. However, many people ignore their condition and hope that the pills can help them stabilize their blood pressure. Of course, drug treatment is the first and most important step in blood pressure normalization. But, if you continue to lead an unhealthy lifestyle, the pills will not be able to improve your condition. You should start eating healthy food and be physically active. Also, you should exclude some foods that pose a threat to your health, including provoking an increase in blood pressure.

Doctors recommend that you completely or partially removed from your diet that such foods as:

  • margarine,
  • sauces,
  • fat meat,
  • fried food,
  • semi-finished products,
  • fast food,
  • processed meat.

Also, you should avoid foods that contain a lot of salt, which raises blood pressure.
A diet high in salt disrupts the sodium balance in the body, which leads to water retention in the body, which increases the pressure that blood puts on the walls of blood vessels. The amount of salt per day is about 6 grams. Therefore, try to add salt to the food after cooking, which will add flavor to the dish with less salt.
Also, doctors draw your attention to excess weight. If you have a couple of extra pounds, it is not a problem. But if your body is obese to any degree, it can cause the development of various diseases, including high blood pressure.

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