Habits to help protect your eyes and save your vision


Each of you wants to maintain good vision until a ripe old age. Modern technology affects your vision by impairing it. Therefore, you need to follow some rules that will help you save your vision for years.

Breaks between work.
Most office workers use computers and other gadgets that have glowing screens. Their radiation affects the functioning of the retina and leads to a decrease in the quality of vision, the development of illnesses, and dry eyes. At the same time, after work, they take a rest using TV or gadgets. Your eyes are in constant tension. You can reduce destructive power by taking breaks to rest your eyes every 20 minutes while using your gadgets. Just a few minutes of rest will reduce tension and restore the hydration of the eyeball.

Sun protection.
UV rays destroy the retinas of the eyes, so you need to wear sunglasses all year round. Even though the sun shines less brightly in winter, the destructive power of ultraviolet radiation does not decrease. UV light causes melanoma, so protect your eyes in winter and summer.

Do not forget to visit a doctor.
Even if you follow all the guidelines for protecting your eyes, you should see your doctor once a year. The doctor can certainly test your vision, conduct a comprehensive eye examination, see the risks of developing various eye pathologies and reduced vision. Also, decreased vision may indicate the development of serious diseases such as diabetes or hypertension.

Don’t sleep with lenses.
No matter how tired you are, take a few minutes to remove your lenses. Never sleep with contact lenses, except for special night vision correction lenses. If you ignore this rule, your eyes are not getting enough oxygen. Such actions lead to the risk of getting an infection.

Drink plenty of water.
Dehydration leads to the development of various diseases, including damage to your vision. Drink your daily amount of water and try to humidify the air in the room you are in for a long time. Note that air conditioners dry the air, so provide the room with a humidifier. It is also worth drinking more before traveling by plane, as the air on the plane is too dry.

Use gadgets at a safe distance from your eyes.
Keep an eye-safe distance when working with a smartphone, laptop, or reading text from an e-book or tablet. Doctors recommend keeping a distance of at least 30 cm. The closer your eyes are to the blue light that smartphones and tablets spread, the more dangerous they are.

Reduce the brightness of your gadgets.
Reducing the brightness of your gadgets will help reduce eye strain and prevent the development of certain eye diseases. Do not use bright light from gadgets in a dark room, in the evening and at night, as it has a higher level of destructive power.

Remove makeup before bed.
If you are too lazy to take off your makeup before bed, you harm your skin and eyes. Make-up is irritating and bacteria-spreading. Thus, you run the risk of getting conjunctivitis or other infectious diseases. Plus, your eyes can’t rest if you don’t rinse off your makeup before going to bed.

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