How our skin talks about health problems.


Our body speaks to us and gives signals about what is happening with it. But as a rule, in daily worries, we ignore our body and its needs and requests for help. And if we listened to our body, we could prevent the development of many serious diseases. How often do you pay attention to the skin condition? And she is one of the first to show symptoms of serious illness long before you feel that you have problems with health. You think that any defects can be hidden under cosmetics or reduce their manifestation using cosmetics. But this is the second step. First, you need to find the cause and eliminate it. Therefore, be careful about your skin and read the signals that it gives you.

Acne speaks.
The appearance of acne on the face is an unpleasant moment for every person at any age. Teenagers hope that their hormonal background will improve closer to 20 years and our skin will become clean and beautiful. Acne after 30 years suggests that you need to examine your hormone level and balance it with the help of the medicine.

You need to be tested, visit the doctor, and if you are a woman, then a visit to the geneticist is an obligatory step towards clean skin.

The appearance of wrinkles at an early age.
Loss of skin elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles at a young age indicates that your body does not produce collagen well, and metabolic processes in cells occur slowly. Collagen production is affected by your lifestyle and diet. You need to eat more plant foods and proper fats. Also, do not forget to use quality cosmetic products, such as serum with AHA. It accelerates metabolic processes in the cell and stimulates the production of collagen. But use it only after consulting a cosmetologist who recommends a product suitable for your skin and prescribes a regimen for its use.
Also, the production of collagen is affected by the sun’s rays, which dry the skin, make it thinner. Do not forget to apply the cream with SPF before each exit to the outside.

The main causes of rosacea are hypertension, liver disease, smoking, drinking alcohol, frequent visits to baths, saunas, prolonged sun exposure and abuse of a solarium
You can not get rid of rosacea without the help of a doctor and medication. But you can do some things yourself, for example, use the right cleansing. It should be soft and gentle. Avoid products that dry or irritate your skin and never use soap to wash your face. Beauticians do not recommend using acids and oils for skincare with rosacea.

Undereye Bags.
The main reason for the appearance of bags under the eyes is the wrong way of life. Smoking, alcohol, inadequate sleep, and a strict diet deplete your body and excess puffiness appears. Therefore, you can begin to get rid of bags under the eyes of yourself by starting with good sleep, proper nutrition, and refusal from alcohol and cigarettes. If the symptoms do not disappear, then consult a doctor. It may be a signal that one of the systems in your body has started to work poorly.

Dark spots.
It is a signal that your body has malfunctioned and the process of producing melanin is not working properly. Therefore, in some areas of the skin with an impaired melanin production function, hyperpigmentation occurs. These are contrasting age spots of various sizes and shapes. Often the cause of melanin destruction is sunlight, so always use SPF creams.

Dry or chapped skin.
As a rule, with aging, our skin loses moisture as a result of which it becomes thin and dry. Therefore, never forget to drink water and apply a light moisturizer that does not allow the evaporation of moisture from the cells of your skin.

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