How physical activity helps people after a heart attack.


People who have suffered a heart attack should learn to live by the new rules. Their attention should be directed to improving the quality of life. Some studies show, the results of which were published on the scientific platform of the European Society of Cardiology, physical activity is one of the important keys to a healthy lifestyle for people after a heart attack.

Scientists argue that suitable physical activity benefits both the body and the psyche. After exercise, people improve not only physical health but also emotional. The level of dopamine increases and a person feels joy and happiness. These emotions are necessary for you if you want to have a healthy heart.

Exercise is part of a rehabilitation program for people who have had a heart attack. The doctor selects a set of exercises that is suitable for these particular people, taking into account their physical condition. In addition to physical activity, a person must follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle and get rid of bad habits such as smoking, alcohol, transmission, fatty foods, and others. The rehabilitation program also contains recommendations to control the negative emotions that will lead to the destruction of the nervous system.

Patients with a heart attack learn to live by the new rules and abandon their previous lives. This is a stressful situation, so the rehabilitation program provides methods that help people adapt to new conditions with minimal stress.

Scientists have found that rehabilitation helps patients cope with their problems faster. Those patients who refused rehabilitation experienced more stress from a new life and sometimes this led to new heart problems. Exercise helps patients regain their ability to serve themselves without assistance. Also, the quality of life of such patients is significantly higher than those who refused rehabilitation.

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