How to like vegetables and greens.


Proper nutrition is the key to our health. But among the information on various diets and the principles of proper nutrition, many of us cannot determine what is true, and what is not. Scientists, cannot come to a unanimous opinion, too, and argue the opposite version. Some of them proved that meat is necessary for the human body, while others proved that the body works better without meat. But despite different opinions and theories, all scientists are sure that there is one group of products that is useful for all people. Its need for a diet of each person is not in doubt. This plants food like greens and vegetables.

This simple plant-based food is affordable for everyone, does not require large financial expenses, and brings many benefits to human health.
Despite this fact, most people do not like to eat greens. Nutritionists advise you to include it in your diet every day, but if it’s hard for you, use a few rules to help you love greens.

Add greens gradually.
If you decide to add greens to your diet, do not do it abruptly. Your gastrointestinal tract may be affected by a cut of food. Therefore, add greens to your diet in small portions once a day. After you notice that your stomach responds well to it, then you can increase the serving size and you can eat it several times a day.

Do not exclude other products.
The appearance of a new product in your diet is not a reason to abandon other products. You should not exclude foods such as cereals, meat, bread, cheese, and others from your diet and start eating only greens. You can continue to eat as you are used to, but now add plants to each meal. Over time, you will like the greens and can no longer eat without it.

Use colorful vegetables.
Beautiful food causes appetite. Use vegetables of different colors and make beautiful and colorful plates. Cooking such dishes is like a game and entertainment, so the food will bring positive emotions. Thus, your intestines and nervous system will be grateful to you for such a meal.

Use your favorite vegetables.
Plant foods have many options. Each of them has a unique taste and smell. Therefore, you have the opportunity to try various options and use those that bring you pleasure in food. You should not eat greens that disgust you. It is not useful. Choose only delicious vegetables.

Environmental friendliness.
If you are a supporter of saving the environment then plant food is one of the options for the struggle for the ecology of the planet. The development of livestock farms hurts the ecology of our planet. People eat a record amount of meat in modern society. Therefore, if you are worried about the state of the planet, increase the consumption of plant foods, and reduce the amount of meat.

Plant foods are tasty and healthy. You should experiment and learn how to cook delicious dishes with vegetables and greens.

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