How to reduce stress from diet.


Despite the long quarantine, many of us believe in its end will be soon and they are preparing for the beach season. Spring is the right time to give up fatty and heavy foods if you want to go out in good physical shape even after self-isolation. At first glance, the process of refusing heavy food is not complicated. You should include more vegetables, fruits, and other light foods in your diet. Thus, you will refuse sweet and fat. Unfortunately, it is not so simple in practice. According to scientists, the transition from fatty foods to light one can cause apathy and depression.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, it suggests that changes in diet cause a chemical reaction in the brain that, by its very characteristics, is similar to giving up medicines. The body experiences stress, as a result of which you experience an acute shortage of fatty foods. It turns out that you just feed your emotions, not your body. If you track down the source of your hunger, you can understand how to feed your body. Ignoring this process can lead to the emergence of an unhealthy habit of how to feed your emotional hunger with harmful products.

To confirm their theory, scientists observed two groups of mice. One group of mice ate foods high in fat and the other one low-fat foods. It turned out after six weeks that the mice from the high-fat group had elevated levels of the stress hormone, and chemical changes occurred in the brains of mice that affected the level of pleasure.

No one wants to be in a bad mood and have depression. But this does not mean that you should continue to eat junk food. The solution to this problem is to replace bad habits with healthy ones that will help you change your regime without harming your emotional state.

You should always have healthy products in your home. Buy berries, nuts, avocados or asparagus. These products help reduce stress and saturate your body with essential substances.

Your daily diet should have foods with a high level of B vitamins and Omega-3. It will be easy to do it with foods such as salmon, chicken, and grains.

Do not forget that for a full life you need energy. The best source of energy is proper nutrition. Therefore, eat foods such as eggs, seeds, cereals, pumpkin seeds, and whole-grain bread.

To make the process of transition to a healthy diet easier, make a nutrition plan for the week, you can buy all the necessary products for earlier, and when you have a desire to eat something fatty, you will have the right snack in the form of nuts, seeds or the right sandwiches. In this way, you will be able to help your body that you will not be hungry and that it will receive enough fuel for its work.

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