Jennifer Lopez’s favorite exercises.


Jennifer Lopez’s body shape evokes admiring looks from both men and women. Probably you want to look as great as Jennifer at her 50+. And it is possible. The singer uses affordable youth preservation methods that every woman can afford. Her main methods of preserving youth and health are sports, nutrition, and face fitness.

Of course, you can find many reasons why you cannot use these methods, such as children, husband, work, and so on. But if you want to be healthy at any age, you will find one hour a day to devote to your health and beauty.

A high level of self-discipline helps Jennifer to be in good shape and look at 50 like at 30.

You don’t have to follow the routine that Jennifer uses. You must set realistic goals for yourself and move towards them at a pace that is comfortable for you. If you have never played sports, it will be difficult for you to complete an hour’s workout. So start at 15 minutes and work your way up. Also, do not take large weights right away. Do bodyweight exercises for a few weeks and then add weights. Your muscles will get used to the load, and you will not feel exhausted after each workout.

Your body needs to be able to exercise and rest. So stick to your regimen and don’t try to complete your weekly exercise rate in one workout.

Also, if you want to follow Jennifer’s example, you must eat well. She does not use diet or starve. Her diet contains a sufficient amount of all necessary nutrients, including proteins. If your diet is very poor, your muscles will not be getting the nutrients they need to grow and rest.

Jennifer Lopez does not drink alcohol and tries to go to bed on time if her concert schedule allows it.

Exercise time depends on your regimen and lifestyle. Jennifer prefers to train in the morning, and in the afternoon she can do her business without thinking about sport. But you can train whenever it suits you. Regardless of the training time, it is beneficial, except for the late night. Night training raises cortisol levels, and your body’s stress levels rise.

Jennifer Lopez works with two trainers who give her different types of workouts. This alternating load gives excellent results. Typically, the singer trains three to four times a week.

In addition to the main workout in the gym, Jennifer dances a lot at rehearsals and concerts. It is an additional load on the cardiovascular system and muscles. So she has a very active lifestyle that helps her look amazing.

Jennifer Lopez’s favorite exercises that she uses as the basis of her workout:

  • push-ups like spiderman,
  • lunges with weight,
  • exercise with a fitness ball,
  • sumo exercises,
  • triathlon,
  • squats with a chair.


On Jennifer’s Instagram page, you can see parts of her workouts. The singer often shares her daily rituals with her followers. Also, Jennifer Lopez is one of the few Hollywood actresses who does not undergo facial plastic surgery. Despite this, her face looks young, fresh, and without wrinkles. According to experts, Jennifer uses special facial exercises that help keep her muscles in good shape. Also, various cosmetic procedures such as massages and high-quality cosmetics help to maintain a youthful face too.

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