Israeli soldier will take part in the Olympics


Anat Lelior is already the second year at ‘QS. At the ISA World Surf Games in 2019 in Japan, Lelior got a chance to represent Israel at the 2020 Olympics. There are, however, some conditions for her to participate. First, we need to see the results of the 2020 ISA World Surfing Games. If she bypasses the other members of Israel, she will be honored to represent her country in Tokyo.

Картинки по запросу Anat Lelior in army
Like all athletes who will take part in this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, Lelior will have a hard day, which will be held in honorable training. But that is not her only duty. In addition to training, the 19-year-old athlete will serve in the Israeli army. These are all Israeli citizens who have reached the age of 18. Military service will not be an obstacle to high-quality preparation for the games. The leadership of the Israel Defense Forces agreed to the participation of the athlete in the QS events, and she can also go on training.

Recently, Lelior gave an internal interview in which she talked about preparations for the Olympic Games, about her military routine and, of course, about surfing.

In an interview, she confesses that she never thought about participating in the Olympics. But already before the World Games, she thought she should try her luck and show herself in Tokyo.

Her love for surfing began in her childhood. She and her parents lived near the beach, and she loved to watch surfers fly over the wave. The first her teacher in surfing was father, although he was not a professional surfer. The first day on the board turned out to be a disaster and ended in a hospital where her head, which she smashed on the board, was sewn up. But this did not stop her, and a few days later she already wanted to be on the waves.

Картинки по запросу Anat Lelior
She admitted that surfing in Tel Aviv is not very exciting. There are about 5,000 surfers in the city, and if a good wave appears, there will be crowded. When she was a child, she could not go out of town and find a more secluded place, but after she got the driver’s license, she can take a surfboard and leave the city to enjoy the waves.

But surfing is not only a pleasure for a girl, but it is also a challenge. When she was 12 years old, she received her first title and felt the taste of victory. After that, she can no longer imagine her life without a challenge.
Lelior is sure that to improve her skills she needs to travel. Israel has all the necessary conditions for training, but there is no competitive environment. Every time she finds herself in an unfamiliar place with surfers, she gains invaluable experience that will help her in the Olympic Games.
According to the girl, her whole life is painted and she almost does not give up her personal life. But when she has free time, she prefers to spend it with her family and friends.

In an interview, the girl spoke about her service in the army. She is sure that every citizen should repay the debt to his country and she is very glad that she can benefit Israel. She got into a special program for athletes, which allows her to remain in the sport and serve in the army at the same time.

According to the laws of Israel, she must appear in the service 30 hours a week. Lelior has a responsible attitude to his duties and goes to the service at the scheduled hours, except for the time when she competes in another country.

Answering the question of whether it is expensive for her to attend training in various competitions, the girl honestly admitted that without the help of the government and sponsors she would not have been able to pay all the costs. She is also very grateful for the help to her parents and her official trainer, Daniel Sigura.

Картинки по запросу Anat Lelior

During the conversation, it turned out that Lelior dreams about visiting Bali and Indonesia. She repeatedly saw in the video that there were just perfect waves for surfing. But while she is serving in the army, she cannot go there, but after the end of her service, she will certainly try to get to the places of her dreams
At the end of the conversation with the journalist, Lelior expressed her admiration for the opportunity to represent her country in the international sports arena. The feeling that she will be next to the best surfers in the world overwhelms her.

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