Morning exercises are the key to success.


The right start to the day is the key to energy and success. Therefore, you should introduce good morning habits, such as morning exercises. Simple exercises are available for people of all ages and genders. You should do morning exercises every morning to keep your body in good shape and stay youthful and healthy for longer.

The benefits of morning exercises:

  • strengthening the heart muscle;
  • improvement of the respiratory system;
  • increased muscle elasticity;
  • normalization of the state of blood vessels, increasing their patency;
  • alignment of posture;
  • increased concentration of attention;
  • increased joint mobility;
  • stimulation of the brain;
  • increased endurance;
  • normalization of the vestibular apparatus.

Doctors assure that daily gymnastics should not take long. Therefore, for a start, 5-10 minutes is enough for you, and then you can increase the time to 15 minutes or more.
Also, doctors do not recommend doing gymnastics immediately after waking up. Drink a glass of water, take a shower, and brush your teeth. During this time, your body will wake up, and you can do exercises without discomfort. However, you should not eat before gymnastics.

Many psychologists recommend doing morning exercises to improve your emotional state. Therefore, you can play your favorite music and do some simple exercises. Exercise increases dopamine production and helps relax your brain.
Try to do gymnastics in a cool, ventilated room or outdoors so that your body gets maximum oxygen.

You must remember that only regular morning exercises can bring positive results. If you do it once a week, it is a waste of your time.

Sometimes people do not do morning exercises due to improperly selected exercises. Exercising too hard can cause discomfort and energy loss. Therefore, you had better choose exercises that develop flexibility, improve joint function. Morning exercises should wake up all of your organs, muscles, and joints but do not put your body under stress.
Like all workouts, morning exercises should consist of a warm-up, main body, and completion.

You can use pranayama or rotations of the feet and hands as a warm-up. Exercises for the main body should work lightly on all muscle groups. Exercises such as yoga, pilates, walking, light running, gymnastics for the neck, arms, and legs, squats, leg swings, push-ups, and so on are suitable for this. These exercises activate blood circulation in all organs and help your body get back to work after sleep.

After the main set of exercises, do stretching and breathing practice for recovery.
Morning exercises should be beneficial and energizing, not deplete the body. This is why you should avoid dumbbell exercises. Intensive workouts are best done in the afternoon. In the morning, give preference to light, simple movements.

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