Morning is the best time for a run.


Most of you are used to starting your morning with a cup of coffee. Scientists say jogging is the best way to have a good morning. Of course, you will have to put in some effort to force yourself to put on your uniform and go outside for a run. But, if you overcome these challenges, you will reap many mental and physical health benefits. Plus, you burn calories and create the body shape you dream of.

Experienced runners have some simple tips for those just starting in the morning. One of them is to prepare sportswear the evening before the run.
Also, create a playlist with music that makes you feel good.
Usually, jogging in the morning takes place on an empty stomach, but if you are having difficulty, you can eat something light before jogging. Don’t eat heavy protein and fat. They will create heaviness in the stomach, and you will not be able to enjoy running.

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