Not all fat in your body is dangerous to health.


Many of us are sure that fat in our body is a terrible substance that we must fight with it all our lives. But this statement is far from the truth. As shown by studies that have been conducted for many years, fat in our body plays an important role; it all depends on the species. Scientists have identified several types of fat, which differ not only in color but also in the function that they carry out in our bodies.

Brown fat.
This is a good fat that focuses on the back of the head and converts food into heat. It helps burn calories that enter the human body, especially when you are cold. It is because of the specific work of this fat that the theory arose that a cold shower helps to lose weight. But this theory is not proven by scientists.

Beige fat.
This type of fat belongs to the right fat and helps to control body weight. According to scientists, beige fat is produced in the human body under the influence of physical activity. In addition, it helps to maintain energy in the muscles and you can maintain activity during training.

White fat under the skin.
It does not play a special role in the functioning of the body and has neither a good nor a bad influence. Studies show that this neutral fat does not affect the blood system, pressure level. Excessive accumulation under the skin has a more aesthetic problem and does not affect the state of health.

White fat around organs.
This is the most dangerous and bad type of fat, which is located on the internal organs of a person and negatively affects its work. It secretes toxins that, through blood, enter the liver, poisoning the entire body.

Visceral fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease stimulates insulin resistance and chronic inflammation. But there is good news too, visceral fat is afraid of training and leaves faster than subcutaneous white fat.

Therefore, do not be discouraged that the fat on your hips goes away slowly, it is not dangerous, your workouts burn bad fat in the first place.

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