Phentermine: a good way to lose weight or harm your health?


For many decades, people have been looking for an easy way to lose weight that does not require a lot of physical effort and refusal to eat. The market is responsive to your wishes and offers a variety of supplements and medicines that work to reduce weight.

One of these drugs is phentermine, which has become popular among those who want to maintain their weight within the normal range. But despite its effectiveness, doctors urge the use of supplements and drugs for weight loss with caution and give preference to a healthy diet and exercise. However, phentermine remains one of the most popular ways to lose weight quickly.

The effect of phentermine on the process of losing weight is individual and the results can be very different for each person. This device can do more harm than good to some people, so make sure you have no contraindications before using it.

To help you understand what phentermine is and its effect on your health, we have collected some information for you. We hope it will help you make the right decision.

Phentermine is a medicine that affects the part of the brain that is responsible for feeling hungry. After taking this drug, the brain receives a signal that your body is full, and you do not feel hungry for several hours. Typically, the drug is used for several weeks, because long-term use will harm your body.

Controlling hunger and decreasing appetite are the main properties of the drug that help people get rid of extra pounds.

Some people who are trying to lose weight use phentermine as a supplement to diet and exercise. In this case, the process of losing weight is faster and with less harm to health than in people who use only medicine and do not follow the diet.

Studies of the effects of phentermine on a weight-loss show that it affects levels of neurotransmitters that reduce hunger. Scientists have found that using only this drug is not very effective, but its use in combination with diet and sports gives amazing results. In the course of studies, it was found that the refusal of one of the meals does not have the same result as the use of combination therapy with phentermine. Based on the results of the study, several weight loss programs have started using this drug.

Rules for using the drug.
If you dream of losing only a couple of kilograms, because in your opinion they are extra, then this drug is not suitable for you. Its use is effective for people who are obese. The dose of phentermine is prescribed individually and the doctor takes into account all your parameters. Therefore, you should not use this medication without a doctor’s recommendation.

Harm from using phentermine.
Despite the effectiveness of the drug, its use can harm your health in some cases. It has many side effects such as:

  • sleep disorders,
  • impaired concentration and attention,
  • disruption of the digestive system,
  • increased blood pressure,
  • headache and others.

Also, people who have diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system, take antidepressants, pregnant women cannot take phentermine as well as it can cause huge damage to their health.

Scientists warn that the use of phentermine can be addictive and some people can experience withdrawal after stopping the drug.

People who use alcohol or drugs should avoid taking phentermine, as its combination with alcohol and drugs can lead to dire consequences.

There are cases when people take phentermine without medical supervision and this leads to an overdose. If you experience hyperactivity, nausea, headaches, or other negative symptoms, this is a signal that you may have taken too much phentermine. You need to stop taking it and see your doctor immediately.

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