Regular sport can give you smart children.


Do you dream of being successful and having a clever child? Then we have good news for you. According to a study published in Cell Reports, men who regularly take sports up are more successful and born more intelligent children. However, it should be noted that the results of the study are based on experiments that were conducted on mice. Nevertheless, the results that were obtained give reason to believe that they can be applied to men.

We can say that sport affects the learning process, the perception of new information and memory. Scientists claim that all these changes take place at the gene level. During the conception of kids, these genes are transmitted to them. Thus, we change ourselves initially, and then we transfer all this wealth to our children. An example of such a gene heritage is depressive states in a child. It appears in those children whose parents experienced constant stress and anxiety before the conception of the child. But, do not panic. Scientists also found that often during negative events, special cells are produced in the body that prevents the transmission of these negative scenarios to our children.

Scientists decided to establish the truth about the influence of physical activity on the work of genes. The main object of their research was finding out how these changes in the father’s brain can be transmitted to children.

German scientists took mice males and created them a sedentary lifestyle. After they became adults, they were divided into two groups. One group of mice continued to lead a lazy lifestyle, and the second group received sports equipment like a wheel, various toys to stimulate the development of brain activity. The mice lived in the conditions created for them for more than two months. At the end of the term, scientists studied the brains of mice in both groups. Scientists found out that neural connections were stronger in mice that led to an active lifestyle. They also showed better results in cognitive tests than lazy mice.

Then the mice were mated by females, and it turned out that the descendants of the active mice had a brain with strong connections. These small mice perceived information faster than the children of lazy mice.

Based on these results, scientists suggested that the cause of this difference could be the physical activity of the father. Exercises influenced the sperm of the male and as a result, the children turned out to be more intelligent.

After the mice became more physically active, bonds began to strengthen in the brain under the influence of an increase in the pair of microRNA types. These cells are responsible for genes.

If you want your children like lessons and intellectual activities in the future, then start to take sports up before they are born.

To confirm this theory, additional research is needed, but do not tempt fate and take care of the future of your children today.

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