Several сauses of acetone breathing.


Fresh breath is a sign of health. But if you notice that your breath has a pungent or putrid smell then this means that some system of your body needs attention. A bad smell can appear after eating some foods, and you can easily eliminate it by stopping these foods. If you are going to a business meeting or date, then we do not recommend that you eat onions or garlic before this event. Also, bad breath can occur due to poor dental and tongue hygiene.

But if you brush your teeth correctly, and there is a smell, then this is a reason to see a doctor.

If you notice that your breath resembles the smell of acetone, then you should pay attention to your health. Typically, acetone respiration indicates a high level of ketones. Your liver starts producing these acids in large volumes due to the malfunctioning of your body.

The causes of acetone odor can be the following diseases:

  • type 1 or type 2 diabetes,
  • keto diet,
  • starvation,
  • excessive alcohol consumption.

Glucose is the main source of energy, but if its level is too high it leads to imbalance. When you have diabetes, insulin, which is supposed to help absorb glucose, cannot cope with its task. Therefore, glucose cannot get into cells and provokes your body to burn fat. During this process, the liver produces acids intensively and they accumulate in the blood. Therefore, doctors always check patients for diabetes when they have acetone breath from the mouth.

The keto diet.
When you go on a diet high in fat and protein, your body uses its fats for energy. Typically, carbohydrates play this role, but when you follow the rules of the keto diet or fast, your body does not receive the required amount of carbohydrates. It is forced to burn fat and the liver receives an additional load. It produces large amounts of ketones, which provide acetone respiration.
This effect may not last long, and your body adapts to new dietary rules, but sometimes acetone respiration cannot be removed without a change in diet.

Excessive alcohol consumption.
Alcohol puts a lot of stress on the liver. Ketones produced by the liver accumulate in the blood and cause bad breath. Occasionally, alcohol can cause alcoholic ketoacidosis. This condition can have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. These symptoms are very similar to other diseases of the gastrointestinal system, which makes it very difficult for doctors to diagnose this disease. If you see your doctor in time and tell the truth about the amount of alcohol you drink, the doctor can help you. If you ignore bad breath while drinking too much alcohol, then alcoholic ketoacidosis can be fatal.

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