Some benefits of lymphatic drainage massage.


All systems in your body are interconnected. If one of them starts to work incorrectly, the work of all systems is disrupted. Therefore, if your lymphatic system stops cleansing your body of toxins effectively, all body-systems will suffer.

Proper functioning of your lymphatic system timely removes bacteria, fungi, extracellular fluid, and other waste from your body.

Therefore, if your lymphatic system cannot handle all the debris, blockages appear in your body, and it is not cleaned properly. As a result, the work of all other systems is disrupted, and your immunity suffers.

But, unfortunately, many people believe that the lymphatic system does not deserve their attention and do not attach importance to its cleaning.

An unhealthy lifestyle or age-related changes impairs the functioning of the lymphatic system. Lymph moves more slowly due to a deterioration in the elasticity and tone of blood vessels, which leads to the deposition of toxins in your body, the balance of healthy and parasitic microbes is disturbed. It leads to negative consequences such as inflammatory processes that lower your immunity.

An unhealthy lifestyle is the main trigger for the disruption of the lymphatic system and the appearance of pathogenic microflora.

Some symptoms may indicate congestion in the lymphatic system. If you observe them at yourself, you need to take some measures to eliminate them.

Symptoms of lymph congestion:

  • chronic fatigue,
  • high sweating,
  • unpleasant body odor,
  • inflammation of the mucous surfaces,
  • inflammation of the skin,
  • swelling.

The lymphatic system has a natural ability to cleanse itself. But the modern lifestyle of most people impairs this function, and their lymphatic system can remove all pathogenic bacteria without external help. Proper nutrition and physical activity are essential methods for your lymphatic system to function properly. But you can use additional methods that improve lymph flow.

Massage is one of the best and safest ways to help your lymphatic system handle all the waste.

If you have identified lymph congestion, then you should help your lymphatic system clear all passages. You need a lymphatic drainage massage.

Lymphatic drainage massage restores lightness, elasticity, tone to your body, and strengthens blood vessels.

The lymphatic system is connected with the circulatory system. Therefore, lymphatic drainage massage must be done together with vascular massage.

Benefits of lymphatic drainage massage:

  • cleansing the body from toxins,
  • eliminates fatigue syndrome,
  • improvement of metabolic processes,
  • cellulite treatment,
  • oxygenation of all tissues of your body.

Rules for performing lymphatic drainage massage.
Movements during lymphatic drainage massage should be confident but not strong. Pressing on the skin helps the lymph move faster. In this case, all your movements are directed from the sides to the center. Start the massage from the bottom and work your way up in the direction of lymph flow. Lymphatic drainage massage should not cause pain or another discomfort.

It is performed by a professional massage therapist. Moreover, there are simple massage techniques that you can learn and use on your own at home as self-help.
Also, you should remember to follow a healthy lifestyle and drink plenty of water. Water is an essential ingredient for the functioning of the lymphatic system. Its deficiency disrupts lymphatic drainage and leads to blockage of the lymphatic ducts.

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