Some most interesting ways to fight the heat.


High air temperature brings discomfort and poor health. Some people cannot stand the heat and try to hide from it. But if you can’t afford to sit at home under air conditioning all day, you need to find an alternative way to cope with the heat.

The World Health Organization warns of a high risk of heatstroke during this period of the year. Therefore, many countries create various ways to keep their citizens from the heat and give a coolness. There are air conditioners in public transport, fountains, water and so on. Also, you can use simple ways to help you cope with the heat without health problems.

Cool shower.
This is the fastest way to lower your body temperature. Of course, you cannot shower in the office, but at home in the morning and evening, use this method to improve your well-being. The water temperature should be pleasant for your skin. Too cold water can cause vasospasm and make you feel worse. Therefore, use cool, refreshing water.

Air conditioner or fan.
This is the traditional way of making the room temperature comfortable for work and play. In the summer, these are the most purchased items, and sometimes there is a temporary shortage of this product in stores. Therefore, if you want to install an air conditioner in your home or office, do it in advance when the demand for them is not great.

Yoga or physical activity.
People who play sports regularly endure heat more easily than those who do not. Sport helps to develop the endurance of the body, so it copes with various discomforts easily.

Hot tea.
Hot tea helps balance body and air temperatures. After a hot drink, the temperature of the air and the body are approximately at the same level, and you do not feel the heat.

Cream with menthol.
This is an unconventional way to survive the heat, which is available to everyone. You can buy a body cream that contains menthol extract. It gives a pleasant feeling of coolness. Although, this effect does not last long. But you can take a break from the heat for at least an hour.

Wet T-shirt.
This method is suitable for walking around the city in the heat. If you don’t have the opportunity to hide in the shade or go to a cafe to cool off, you can soak your T-shirt and put it on. You will feel relief from the first minute. In addition, this is an affordable method that does not require financial costs. There are water fountains in every city.

Wet wipes.
You can wipe your face, ears, and hands with wet wipes at a time when the heat becomes unbearable. This method helps to get rid of the heat for a few minutes.

Ice cream.
While many nutritionists disagree with this way of dealing with fever, people use it a lot. This is a delicious way that will give you the desired moments of coolness. But, do not use it often if you do not want to gain extra pounds.

Indoor skating rinks are available in many cities. So if you’re the lucky one to live in a city like this, visit the ice rink to have fun and cool off.

Food and water.
Water is the main way to cope with the heat and to avoid heatstroke. Therefore, you should have water with you at all times. Drink in small sips every half hour. In this case, the water should not be ice cold. Warm water quenches thirst much better.

Also, pay attention to the food you eat during hot days. Fatty and high-calorie foods make your body work harder, which means your body temperature will rise. Eat more vegetables and berries to help your body cope with the heat. Plus, cold soups are a great way to satisfy hunger and cope with the heat.

Also, doctors warn about the risk of worsening of the condition in people with chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system. If you have such health problems, try to go outside when the heat is abating. Morning or evening is the best time to go for a walk.

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