Some tips for eating sugar less.


You often hear that sugar is the sweet death. Nevertheless, you exactly wondered how much harm he does to your body. Everyone is used to thinking that sugar just contributes to weight gain and leads to obesity. However, you probably met people who eat desserts and do not get fat. Do you think sugar is safe for them? Not, as various studies show, this beloved product can kill everyone.

According to a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, excessive love of sweets can cause heart disease.

Having become acquainted with the results of various studies and having read the interviews of people who refused to consume sugar, I made a few tips to help you get rid of sugar addiction.

Do a food inventory. Many people do not notice how much sugar they eat per day. He considers only the sugar that was put in coffee or tea while forgetting about hidden sugar. Read the labels of the foods you eat carefully. Often, at first glance, non-traditional foods contain a lot of sugar. Bread, yogurts, sauces may contain large amounts of sugar. Be careful with consuming juice, if you buy it then there is sugar likely . Give preference to fruit. They contain fiber and essential vitamins. Even natural juices contain a lot of fructose, which equates to sugar.

Do not abuse dried fruits. Such kind of fruits contain a high concentration of sugar, and the producer often keeps them in sugar syrup to give a taste and beautiful shape.

Discard sauces. This delicious supplement for meat or spaghetti contains sugar and flavor enhancers. With them, the food is much tastier but unhealthy. Even if you see low-fat salad dressings, do not buy them. By removing fats from products, the manufacturer adds sugar to give a pleasant taste. This also applies to defatted dairy products. Therefore, buy milk with low-fat content, but not fat-free.

If you do not want to give up sauces, learn how to make them yourself. On the Internet, you can find many useful recipes for making sauces of their natural products.

Do not eat breakfast cereals. These products contain preservatives, sugar, and other harmful ingredients. Even a harmless product like granola contains sugar. They have a lot of dried fruits and a flavor enhancer. Granola can be a good option for a quick breakfast. Only if you cook it yourself. You can cook it quickly and easily. Having prepared it, you will be sure that it brings health, and does not take it.

Choose natural sugar substitutes. It is quite fashionable to replace sugar intake with artificial substitutes. Get rid of illusions. They are also harmful like sugar, and maybe even more. If you want to give up eat sugar, but cannot live without a sweet taste, then use stevia. It is a natural, low-calorie sugar substitute. It can be used in cooking, added to coffee or tea.

Eat plenty of protein. Sometimes a big craving for sweets is a signal that your body lacks nutrients. If you eat fully, saturating your body with the necessary amount of the right fats, carbohydrates, and protein, then your cravings for sweets will decrease significantly. During periods when you are overcome by an invincible desire to eat something sweet, try to eat protein products. Cottage cheese, cheese or eggs can help you defeat your addiction.

Following these simple rules will make it easy for you to get your diet right. Nevertheless, remember tough restrictions can give the opposite result. You can break down and eat a lot of sugar at a time. To prevent this from happening, let yourself sometimes relax with a cup of sweet coffee or a piece of cake. Small joys once or twice a week will not harm your health.

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