Some ways of increasing the endurance of a heart.


The work and health of your heart depend on many factors. The endurance of your heart ensures health and longevity. After all, our heart does a great job of pumping blood in our organisms and carries oxygen to every cell of your body, enhancing its performance and muscle function. And if it gets tired you will immediately feel it. Therefore, you should make your efforts to increase the endurance of your heart. One of the most effective ways to increase heart endurance is aerobic exercise.

This type of workout helps you cope with physical activity every day and improve your health. Therefore, if you prefer only strength training, you should change your opinion about aerobic training and add it to your schedule. Muscles won’t help your heart. Just aerobic exercise builds the endurance of your heart.

If you have decided to improve your heart’s endurance, then you should know that for this you need to train 3 hours a week using cardio exercises. Do not use this time at one time, it will not give the desired result. You should divide this time into small intervals, for example, do cardio 5-6 days a week for half an hour.

You should remember that cardio, like any workout, requires some preparation. Therefore, use a warm-up before each workout, regardless of its type. The best way to prepare your body for physical activity is by stretching or light exercise. Also, after training, a special set of exercises that will allow your muscles to recover and cool down. For example, after running, you can walk for 5-7 minutes at an easy pace to restore your heart rate.

Once you’ve realized that exercising your heart is a necessary process to improve your health and quality of life, start choosing your exercise level. If you have never exercised, then your workouts should take place with a gradual increase in loads and their duration. Your heart muscle is not ready for heavy loads, and therefore it must get used to it. Over time, you will comfortably increase your load, and your heart will calmly respond to changes in load levels. Thus, heart endurance training should be gradual.

You can use a variety of sports programs to improve your heart’s endurance, but the best ones are running, cycling, and jumping rope. Use them alternately during the week, or one type of load every week.

In addition to physical activity, you can also use breathing practices that ensure a good supply of oxygen to your blood. You can use breathing exercises every day, and they do not take more than 10 minutes. To do this, you can sit comfortably and breathe correctly. Inhale deeply through your nose, then exhale as slowly as possible to empty your lungs of air. Each time, try to increase the time of your entry and exhalation, but everything should happen in a mode that is comfortable for you.

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