The benefits of physical activity have been proven for a long time. At the same time, scientists are confident that physical activity should be varied. Many people start adding physical activity to their daily routine to lose weight. But, its main goal is health. Therefore, if you plan to be healthy in old age, you need to be physically active.

Strength and aerobic exercise have different effects, so they should not be ruled out. Recent research has shown that you should use them on different days.

Strength training is aimed at developing and strengthening muscles, while aerobic training is aimed at developing endurance.
Despite the variety of aerobic sports. You should choose one or more that are right for you. If you don’t enjoy your workout, it won’t get you the results you expect.

Types of aerobic training:

  • bicycle riding;
  • swimming;
  • rowing;
  • walking;
  • run;
  • aerobics.

All types of cardio workouts can be done at different intensities.
A high-intensity workout is great for burning fat quickly. But if you are overweight, you should not use it because it can damage your heart. Typically, a high-intensity aerobic workout lasts no more than 30 minutes, but with the maximum use of your capabilities. Under these conditions, your body expends a lot of calories, but it also expends stores of glycogen. Therefore, doctors do not recommend using this type of training more than twice a week.

Aerobic exercise at an average pace increases your heart rate increases by only a small percentage. This workout can last about an hour but not less than 30 minutes. Also, using an average pace of workout increase the endurance of your heart and blood vessels.

Interval training is an alternation of phases of intense exercise with phases of rest. Rest time is doing the workout at minimum intensity. This type of workout is suitable for those who do not have time for a full workout or want to lose weight faster. As a rule, interval training lasts no more than 20 minutes and is suitable for experienced athletes. If you are new to sports, choose a medium intensity.

Development of endurance and strengthening of the cardiovascular system. High-intensity and interval aerobic training is the best option for achieving this goal. When your body adapts to the load, you should increase it.

Muscle development. For your muscles to increase in volume, choose low-intensity cardio. When you exercise at low intensity, your body draws energy from fat, not muscle. Therefore, you can lose weight without losing muscles.

Weight loss. Aerobic exercise takes up a lot of energy, so your body is forced to take it from additional sources such as fat and muscle. If you want to conserve your muscles, you can combine the intensity of the workout. Also, you shouldn’t use high-intensity aerobic training more than two times a week. In addition, nutrition is essential for muscle growth. Therefore, remember to consume enough protein.

Mistakes in a cardio workout.

Daily aerobic exercise. As far as you already understood, such a regime will not bring results and can harm your body.

Lack of stability. If you want to achieve your goal, you should exercise regularly. Therefore, try not to skip a workout without a good reason. The frequency of training does not give the desired result.

Unhealthy food. No amount of exercise will help you be healthier if your diet is based on unhealthy foods. If you cannot figure out the nutrition on your own, contact a specialist.

Insufficient intensity. Walking at an easy pace will not put the necessary stress on your heart. Therefore, aerobic training requires increasing your heart rate within the normal range for your age and health condition.

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