The Best MLB Teams to Watch Right Now


The first two months of the Major League Baseball season have been notable for a few reasons. Hitters have been striking out at historic levels, and pitchers are dominant. The playoff race has remained more open than usual—an expanded 12-team postseason has blurred the lines between contenders, pretenders, and MLB teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates and Baltimore Orioles that are simply not trying. The Yankees and Mets have made 2022 a boom time for baseball in New York.

Most MLB teams have about 100 games left out of 162. The first 60-ish games can’t really indicate who will last deep into October, but they’ve provided plenty of knowledge about who’s interesting. With that in mind, meet six of the best teams in baseball: best at actually playing baseball, in most cases, but sometimes just the best discussion fodder because of how weird their seasons have been. Here’s who to watch.

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