The effect of essential oils on the quality of meditation

Meditation is a simple and complex process at the same time. Despite the simplicity of the technique, meditation predicts the concentration and relaxation of the brain. If you have ever tried to turn off the work of mental activity, then you understand that this is a rather complex process that many cannot master. Many beginners cannot stop the flow of thoughts during meditation. Thoughts prevent them from concentrating and plunging into the process of meditation. Therefore, some people give up meditation because it does not please them. People do not get results from meditation and are frustrated. To learn how to meditate you should learn to relax and calm your brain. Start the practice of meditation from five minutes and if you notice that you are distracted by thoughts, let them flow smoothly and return your attention to the breathing process yourself.

If you want to achieve complete immersion in meditation you must train every day. Start with a few minutes and increase the time every day by a few minutes. After a few weeks, you will notice that it is easier for you to concentrate and let go of your thoughts. After meditation, you will feel relaxed, your stress level will decrease with each practice, and, as a result, you will get a positive effect from meditation.

Some experienced meditators claim that there are additional factors that will help you make the process of meditation deeper and more effective. One of them is essential oils, which have relaxing properties. Use the smell of essential oil during meditation, and your brain will relax faster. The process of immersion in practice will be easier and more comfortable.

You can choose any essential oil, but there are several of them that have a high level of stress reduction and relaxation.

Sandalwood oil

The smell of sandalwood has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Therefore, it helps you relax during meditation. In addition to this, some religions use sandalwood oil in their rituals. They believe that it saves people from negative thoughts and gives peace to the soul and body.

Lavender oil

The smell of lavender is a standard of relaxation and calming. This smell is used in cosmetology and alternative medicine. Lavender helps you relax and forget about this world. There are only you and this smell. Sadness, anxiety, sadness will leave you when you smell lavender.

Sage oil.

Sage has a bright smell that gives you mood and joy. After meditation with the essential oil of sage, you will feel a surge of energy and joy. Therefore, if you feel a breakdown of your power, use sage essential oil.