The main benefits of exercises with a battle rope.


If you are bored of the usual dumbbells and weights for exercises for the development of muscle mass, then you can use a rope. Are you surprised? The battle rope is designed to increase muscle mass, burning calories, and developing vitality. This is a special rope that you cannot use for climbing or gardening. But it is great for home workouts if you have a place in your backyard.
Many cross-fit athletes use a battle rope as an integral part of their training.

A rope is a simple and inexpensive tool for training all muscle groups. The only condition for its use is the availability of free space if you prefer to take sports up at home. If you visit the gym, then you will find it there without any problems.

The main and most popular exercise with a rope is a wave. But you can diversify your workout and add circles movements with your hands, raise your hands alternately or together. Typically, exercises with battle rope are added to the HIIT training. The rope helps to increase the heart rate to a high level for a short period.

Including rope exercises in your main workout, you get both power and cardio loads at the same time. In this case, the muscles of the legs, arms, abs, shoulders, and buttocks are included in the work as much as possible. You not only increase your strength but also develop endurance. At the same time using a rope you have a minimal chance of getting injured while doing exercises.

Choosing a rope for your workouts you should focus on the level of your physical abilities. Trainers are recommended to choose a rope made of natural material, and with a diameter of 40-48 mm in diameter with a specific gravity of 0.5 kg / m.

Please note that the load depends on the length of the rope, so choose a rope that you can use. As a rule, a 9-meter rope is suitable for beginners, girls, and teenagers; 12 meters for girls and adolescents with an average level of physical fitness; 15 meters for most adult men, and athletic women; 20-meter ropes are designed for professional athletes.

Using a rope is a fairly simple way, you need to attach a rope with support or wind it around a pillar or tree. Take the rope and begin to make a wave raising hands. Start with a small number of approaches, and when your muscles begin to adapt to the load, increase the number of repetitions or complicate the exercises.

The main benefits of exercises with a battle rope.

  1. The minimum load on the joints.
    During training, all the impact goes to the muscles and your joints remain safe.
  2. Development of coordination of movements.
    By working alternately with each hand, you develop muscle proportionally and the strength of each side develops equally.
  3. Versatility.
    Training is suitable for all athletes with different levels of strength and endurance.
  4. Full body training.
    During training, all muscle groups work. Training is strength and aerobic at the same time.
  5. Helps mental health.
    Exercise with ropes helps get rid of aggression, anger, and irritation. Also, you develop the ability to overcome obstacl

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