The Volumetrics diet helps you lose weight without stress.


Are you preparing for the beach season and looking for a suitable diet? Most people gained a few extra pounds during quarantine, so you are not alone. If you are a fan of not a rigid but healthy diet, then try the Volumetrics diet. This diet came in first place in the ratings of the most effective and safe diets both in the USA and around the world after several years of existence.

The main idea of the Volumetrics diet is to consume low-calorie foods. The basis of the nutrition of this diet are fruits, vegetables, and soups. In this case, the diet is built so that you should not experience a strong feeling of hunger. Consuming large amounts of fiber provides a feeling of fullness with a minimal amount of calories. Using the Volumetrics system provides you with all the necessary vitamins and substances, while your weight loss is healthy and you can lose 2 pounds per week without harming your physical and psychological health.

It is hard to call such a nutrition system as a diet because it does not provide for strict rules and restrictions. You can eat whenever you want, you just exclude all unhealthy foods and eat in the proper regime. This diet is suitable for those who do not like to count calories and weigh continuously. The rules of this diet are simple but no less effective. Your main concern is eating many foods that are low in calories and high in fiber. In this case, you must remember about the water balance without which no nutrition system will bring the long-awaited result.

At the same time, you can occasionally consume prohibited foods such as chips, pizza, and chocolate.

But basically, you should eat soups, legumes, vegetables, dairy products, and whole grains.

Most of your diet should be fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and soups. You can eat lean meat and fish in moderation and always combine them with vegetables. This food system does not prohibit percussion if you are very hungry. For a bite to eat, you can eat Greek yogurt and fruits. Try to make dinner light, for example, fish with vegetables. Do not overload your stomach before going to bed.

You should not be afraid of fats during the Volumetrics diet. We all know that meat, avocado, and olive oil contain healthy fats. But their number should be moderate and not exceed the permissible norm. Only thanks to the balance of fats and carbohydrates you can lose extra pounds.

Benefits of a Volumetrics diet.
This plan has minor restrictions and all concerned unhealthy foods.

You eat a lot of fiber, which affects well on the health of your intestines.

You can eat the right carbohydrates and fats.

You eat a lot of vegetables and fruits that give your body all the necessary vitamins and substances.

You consume fewer calories without the feeling of hunger and stress.

The disadvantages of the diet.

The only disadvantage of this diet is the low content of nuts and seeds. These foods are one of the main sources of omega 3 and monounsaturated fats. These substances provide the cardiovascular system, so their exclusion can adversely affect health.

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