Trials rider Fabio Wibmer conquered Israel


If you love extreme obstacles, Trials riding is right for you. This dangerous and at the same time breathtaking sport is gaining more and more popularity.

Some riders manage to do amazing things on the most incredible lines. One of the outstanding stars of this sport is the Australian trials rider Fabio Wibmer, who does his tricks on the most incredible venues in the world.

Картинки по запросу Israel Is My Playground.

24-year-old Wibmer is always creative in choosing a place where he will make his amazing journey. Going to the country in which he plans to work, he spends several days searching for interesting places, examines them and selects the most dangerous and beautiful. Recently, his attention was attracted by the beautiful and diverse views of Israel. Inspired by the beauty of Israel, he rode his bike and named his work – Israel Is My Playground.

Картинки по запросу Israel Is My Playground.

If you open  the video of his work in Israel, in the first second you will find yourself in a world of breathtaking views and unrealistic danger. You will see Israel completely new and unknown.

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