Use probiotics to be healthy.


The good work of our intestines depends on the number of good bacteria in it. We can replenish our microbiome with a variety of foods, such as yogurt, kefir, or kombucha to help our body work properly. Thanks to these products, good bacteria predominate in our microbiome that prevents developing the bad ones, which causes various diseases. As a result, your body becomes healthier and more resistant to various viruses.

In addition to foods that are high in probiotics, our body needs supplements that help mix probiotics with other ingredients, so that our body better absorbs them. Doctors believe that one of these supplements can be ginger. Its use helps digestion absorb all the beneficial substances from any food.
There is an opinion in the world that probiotics are only needed for good digestion. Nevertheless, this is not so. According to Christina Sekinaro, MD, a nutritionist at the Clinical Research Center in Brigham and the Women’s Hospital in Boston, probiotics affect our entire body, because good bowel function ensures the health of all body systems.

Therefore, the use of probiotics affects the course of various diseases or their prevention.

We suggest looking at the five most common diseases that can be prevented with probiotics.

Weight loss
The results of a huge amount of research showed that probiotics affect level sugar in the blood and hormones, which is responsible for appetite. By using probiotics regularly, some people lost about 0.6 kg per week. Probiotics also affect leptin sensitivity, which means probiotics help people overcome second-type diabetes. Losing weight prevents diabetes and affects your overall health.

Skin problems.
Each of us wants to have clean and beautiful skin without rashes, spots, and other unpleasant manifestations. Nevertheless, our lifestyle and nutrition lead to various skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema or rosacea. Studies show that eating the right probiotic has a positive effect on the external manifestations of these diseases. Our skin depends on bowel function. If it works poorly and incorrectly, then problems arise on the skin. Therefore, if you are not happy with what your skin looks like, check your intestines. After fixing the problems with the microbiome, you will notice how the skin problems disappear.

If you suffer from chronic fatigue and constant colds, then you may have a disturbed balance of bacteria in the intestines. A weak microbiome is the cause of weak immunity. Some studies have shown that consuming probiotics reduces the risk of getting the flu or a cold. In addition, after consuming probiotics, the infection in the lungs decreases.

This disease causes many problems for its owner. A stuffy nose does not allow you to inhale all the aromas of the world and enjoy the flowering plants. Even in such cases, the probiotic B. lactis can help you. Using it once a day after two months, the manifestations of your allergy will become easier. This type of probiotic prevents the development of permeability of the intestinal walls and the penetration of pro-inflammatory compounds into the blood.

A small study showed that people who took a probiotic every day are more viable and take problems more easily. Scientists have not yet proven a direct connection between probiotics and good mood, but they can say with confidence that there is a connection between intestinal health and the state of the nervous system. Scientists believe that consuming probiotics can reduce the level of stress, anxiety, and depression.

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