Useful properties of figs.


Nature offers a variety of delicious and healthy fruits. You can enjoy their taste and get a lot of vitamins. You should eat seasonal fruits. Autumn is rich in fruit harvest, and you can enjoy the taste of it. Figs are useful for the body, as it contains many trace elements such as carotene, pectin, iron, and copper. But, you should eat small amounts of figs because they are high in sugar. If you eat it without restriction, you can put on a few extra pounds. Also, people with diabetes should avoid eating figs.

Composition daily requirement of one fig (40-50 grams):
copper (3%), magnesium (2%), potassium (2%), vitamin B2 (2%), B1 (2%), B6 ​​(3%), vitamin K (2%), and also iron and calcium.

Eating figs in moderation has health benefits:

regulate the balance between potassium and sodium,
improve the mineral structure of bones,
has an antioxidant effect.

Figs can cause an allergic reaction, which manifests itself in the form of a burning sensation of the tongue. This reaction takes place through the ficin molecule. You can avoid this reaction by spooning the inside of the figs apart from the rind, which contains more ficin.

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