Brandon Semenuk shot a new video in Japan


Shortly before Red Bull Rampage, most riders spend their days on the track and master their skills. But Brandon Semenuk decided to do otherwise. He and his team traveled to the Hakuba Iwatake mountain resort to film. He often demonstrates his development in skiing by filming creative films and videos.

Картинки по запросу Brandon Semenyuk  in Hakuba Iwatake
Clay Porter, Rupert Walker, Evan Intern, Dan Fleury, and Kane Boyce joined the project for Red Bull. They together created a creative video with Semenuk.Картинки по запросу Brandon Semenyuk  in Hakuba Iwatake
In a YouTube video, Red Bull Bike says Hakuba is an amazing place for skiers and snowboarders. Steep turns and endless views attract many athletes there. But, unfortunately, for mountain bikers, there are not many locations there, but Semenyuk’s team spent two weeks  and tried to show the advantages of this area for bikers.


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