What you shouldn’t do during your period


The topic of menstruation raises many questions for many girls, even though the educational system tries to tell girls about it at school. Menstruation causes embarrassment for conversation and women face problems during their periods, being afraid to ask even the doctor about it. This topic is surrounded by many myths, and some women cannot understand what they can do during this period and whatnot. We tried to understand this issue and collected the recommendations of gynecologists, who claim that menstruation is a natural process in women’s bodies, which requires special care.

During menstruation, a woman should not:

Endure the pain.
Many women experience severe pain during their period that disrupts their daily routine. If you are one of them, then you need to tell your doctor about this, who will prescribe suitable pain medications for you.

Taking medications that thin the blood.
Taking some medications can affect the duration and abundance of menstruation. Therefore, you better refrain from taking medications, especially those that thin the blood. But, if you need these drugs to control another disease, then you must continue to take them.

Intensive workouts.
To play sports during your period or not? This question worries many women. The decision depends on the well-being and general condition of the woman herself. Doctors say that there is no need to completely give up sports during your period. Light exercise, yoga, stretching, or dancing can relieve pain. But if you prefer strength or intense training, then you better give up this idea for this period. Such training can increase blood loss and cause bleeding.

Visit a beautician.
During menstruation, the sensitivity to pain changes, and any cosmetic procedure may be more painful. Therefore, you should plan your visit to the beautician by your female calendar.

Use thermal treatments.
Procedures that increase blood circulation and increase blood loss are prohibited. Body wraps, sauna, warming massages provoke blood loss during menstruation. Therefore, you better reschedule these procedures for another day.

This item does not play a major role in your menstruation, but using it can worsen your well-being. Also, some women get drunk faster during the month, so you should be careful.

Unprotected sex.
Sex during your period is your personal choice. But, you should use a condom during this period to protect yourself from various infections. During menstruation, the uterus is very susceptible and any bacteria can enter it. Therefore, make your sex safe.

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