Why do you like to eat at night?


How often do you visit the refrigerator at night? Nighttime snacks are the pain point of thousands of people. Nutritionists and doctors insist that eating at night is a bad habit that leads to many diseases. Scientists from the University of Virginia investigated this issue and found that nighttime snacks are a consequence of malnutrition during the day. Scientists suggest that the consumption of sugar, improper fats, and light carbohydrates will lead to a violation of eating behavior. Products containing a lot of sugar and fat cause the growth of dopamine, which affects the internal biological clock in the human body. Thus, the body does not understand when it needs to eat.

fridge with food

This property of sugar leads to gain weight, the development of diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Based on the results of the study, you should improve your nutrition. Start by reducing your intake of sugar, flour, and fast food. Replace these foods with complex carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. No need to reduce the amount of food, you should not be hungry during the day. Just change the quality of the food, and you will overwhelm your biological clock to work properly. If it’s hard for you to refuse snacks at night during the first days, then do not scold yourself, but eat something light, such as fruit or yogurt. Trick your body with a healthy snack.

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