Why passion goes away during infertility treatment and how to keep it.


Unfortunately, many couples face the problem of infertility, the solution of which requires a lot of patience and love. Modern medicine offers several ways to treat infertility, but each of them is a difficult test for a couple, both emotionally and physically. During fertility treatment, couples have a decrease in sex drive, and some of them think that this is a sign of lack of love and the end of the relationship. But in fact, the treatment affects many areas of a couple’s life, but you have a chance to bring passion back into your relationship. Continue the treatment and you will see your baby, who will fill your life with cheerful and perky laughter. While you are focused on your goal, we invite you to learn why fertility treatments reduce sex wishes in couples and how to avoid it.

Reasons for decreased sex drive during infertility, treatment:

Sex has become a duty.
You used to have sex for pleasure, but after you started treatment, sex became a duty. Also, during treatment, you measure your temperature, take medications, undergo numerous ultrasounds, and other types of therapy before sex. You have sex just on special days even if you don’t want it. Therefore, scheduled sex causes mental discomfort and can lead to sexual health problems in both men and women. Couples have sex without arousal and do not enjoy it, it is harmful to the psyche and can cause mental disorders.

Medication for your intimate life.
Infertility treatment involves a variety of tests and studies. Some of these procedures are humiliating, and people find it difficult to cope with the unpleasant emotions caused by some testing. Not everyone can forget that their genitals have been subjected to various studies. Also, some procedures involve mechanical intervention, which can damage the mucous membrane of the genital organs.

Women feel guilty about not being able to get pregnant. Constant self-blame leads to stress in the nervous system and can lead to the development of anxiety and depression. Men experience a decrease in self-confidence and sexual attractiveness if they suffer from infertility. The natural process of conception is a sign of masculinity and sexuality for them. The constant focus on the problems of conceiving a child affects the mental health of the couple, which negatively affects the sex drive.

Despite the negative impact on the sex life of some couples, infertility treatment is a necessary process that you can go through if you love each other and want to have a baby. You can go through all the tests and not lose your sex drive if you use some of the recommendations on how to maintain sexual desire during treatment.

Get ready for a tough challenge.
Infertility is a terrible diagnosis that can break even the most emotionally resistant ones. But this is not a verdict. This is just the path that you have to go, and if you accept the fact that you have a problem, then you will start solving it. Your goal is to conceive a child and no analyzes, mechanical interventions and procedures can lead you astray. Do not blame each other, it will not give you the desired result. Support and care are the best helpers to help you have a healthy baby.

Don’t let strangers comment on your situation.
People can be violent. When a couple hears a diagnosis of infertility, many people around them begin to comment on the situation and use harsh words that hurt both partners. Someone may advise on how to continue to live or break the relationship. Some remarks frustrate the couple and lead to emotional stress. You don’t need anyone’s advice, only the doctor and your partner can talk to you about the problem. For everyone else, it’s none of their business.

Having sex isn’t just for conception.
Create a romantic mood, and let yourself forget about your goal for a while. Allow yourself to relax and have a passionate evening or spontaneous sex. Decide to forget about the temperature, pills, schedule, and so on a couple of times a month. These days, look at your partner as the most desirable and sexiest person in the world.

Talk about your concerns and doubts.
Some couples try to avoid talking about the problem so as not to offend each other. They hide their fear, disappointment, insecurity, or resentment from their partner. Unexpressed feelings accumulate and place a heavy burden on the psyche. This leads to nervous breakdowns, aggression, or depression. To avoid situations like this, share everything you feel with each other. Without blaming each other, talk about your fears and concerns. These conversations will bring you closer emotionally.

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