The NHL All-Star Game 2020 without Alexander Ovechkin


This year, the NHL will be held without the forward “Washington Capitals” Alexander Ovechkin. Fans are very disappointed that one of the best players will miss the 2020 NHL All-Star Game.

Картинки по запросу Alexander Ovechkin

Alexander’s professionalism has been awarded many times with relevant awards. He has been awarded All-Star 11 times. In the past, Ovechkin also missed games to devote his attention to physical health. He states that now he needs to take a break and skip the Star Game to prepare for the playoffs and the second half of the season.

Картинки по запросу  Alexander Ovechkin

In an interview with a famous magazine, Ovechkin admitted that 34-year-old Ovechkin admitted that over the years he should pay more attention to his health. His career as a professional player is directly dependent on the state of the body. He admits that he trains a lot, not only in the season but between the seasons, sports are his daily ritual. In training, he gives all the best 100%. His favorite exercises are squats and bench press. Thanks to training and his perseverance, Ovechkin remains the best NHL player for many years.

Ovechkin is sure that not only athletes should devote their time to training. Everyone is obliged to monitor their health and a sport is one of the best ways to stay fit for many years.

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