You should try use dry brush massage.


Since ancient times, people are looking for various ways to become more beautiful. Sometimes these methods are dangerous to health. In recent years, people prefer to use simple methods that do not require surgical intervention. One such method is a dry brush massage. Daily use of this massage has a positive effect on the skin condition. The bristles of the brush work as a scrub and exfoliate dead skin cells. Also, this massage improves blood circulation, has a lymphatic drainage effect, and removes toxins from the skin. As a result, you get smooth skin without cellulite. The popularity of this massage provoked the appearance of many questions that we studied and tried to give answers to.

The benefits of dry brush massage.
Mechanical action cleanses pores and removes toxins from skin cells.
Also, increased blood circulation positively affects the nervous system and you feel a surge of energy. Therefore, massage with a dry brush is better in the morning.

If you want to remove cellulite using a dry massage, then it must be used together with other methods. It helps increase blood circulation in the skin cells, but you can’t remove cellulite without exercise and diet.

Of course, you can use scrubs to exfoliate, but mechanical action on dry skin has a better effect. Scrub in the shower cannot remove all dead cells and improve blood circulation.

What kind of brush is better for massage?
In the market you can find several types of dry massage brushes. Some of them are made of artificial bristles, some of the natural bristles. The handle can be long, short, or without a handle. You can choose based on your personal preferences, but if you have never done a massage with a dry brush, then start doing it with a soft bristle brush. After a while, you can get a tougher brush. If you have very sensitive skin, stiff bristles can damage it and inflammatory processes can occur.

Despite the simplicity and effectiveness of a dry brush massage, you should use it with caution.

Doctors do not recommend the use of such massage for people with skin disease and problems with veins.

How to do a massage with a dry brush.
You should massage dry skin before showering. Start massage from the feet. Movements can be circular or upward. Do not rub the skin under the knee, chest, or under the armpits. After you see a slight reddening of the skin, you can stop rubbing and go to the shower. After a shower, lubricate the skin with cosmetic oil or cream.

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