Your metabolic rate is in your hands.


Some people go through hell to lose weight. They try various methods, but the weight stands still and does not want to leave. Moreover, people explain it with weak metabolism. After which they give up and do not want to do anything justifying themselves with this diagnosis.

Fortunately, their opinion is erroneous. Metabolism plays an important role in the process of losing weight, but it can be accelerated. If you are familiar with the biochemical processes in our body, you probably heard about mitochondria. They turn oxygen and food into energy. Therefore, your task is to activate these small engines.

Most mitochondria are found in tissues with high-energy needs as muscles, liver, brown adipose tissue, and the brain. It is not surprising that the dynamics of mitochondria in these tissues has been better studied.

Scientists have proven that the level of mitochondrial activity is transmitted at the genetic level, but this does not mean that you cannot influence them. This means that you have a predisposition, but it can be changed using the correct mode.

You should not use strict diets or eat very fatty foods. Every time you test your body, your cells will turn into fat all products that are inside. Your body will retain fat and store it in reserve.

You cannot influence genetic heredity, but you can change the course of events and influence the future. Therefore, following simple but effective rules you can increase the amount and function of your mitochondria. Thus, your metabolic rate is in your hands.

Eat plenty of healthy fats.

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and other plant foods that are rich in antioxidants and essential for mitochondrial activity.

Eliminate foods with sugar and white flour. Simple carbohydrates decrease the activity of your mitochondria.

Do not starve, your mitochondria should know that they have enough food and they do not need to accumulate additional resources.

Physical activity should be every day.

You should have the optimal amount of sleep and its quality. During sleep, all cells are restored and work more actively.

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