Why you should pay attention to a Standup Paddleboard


If you are tired of classic training and you find it boring, try Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). This is a beautiful and effective workout. Through this kind of workout, you learn to hold the balance, pumping your muscles and increase endurance. The combination of strength and relaxing loads makes the workout highly effective.

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Workouts on the board are not only suitable for summer holidays, but you can also carry them into your daily life as an addition to yoga or the gym.
SUP provides a high level of fat burning, has a low level of trauma, relieves stress and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Always start your workout with a warm-up. Take the oar, get up on the board and row for 3-5 minutes using a slow and fast pace and intensify the movement every 30 seconds.

Unlike regular workouts, this workout allows you to work out almost all the muscles in the body. In SUP all muscles work, even stabilizers, which are inaccessible to classical exercises. Thanks to balance all muscles are in work throughout the workout.

Before you stand on the board, I suggest you get acquainted with some recommendations that will help you with training

Work with the paddle correctly
During training, you should focus on paddle work. When it enters the water, move the hull forward and move the hips and free shoulder in front of the oar. At this point, the top of the paddle should be upright. Then move the paddle back, with the top of it in front of you. Proper operation with paddles is the basis of all work.

Muscle work
On the SUP-board you can do exercises such as squats, push-ups, on the abs and even asana of the yoga. They will help you stay strong, healthy and resilient.

Картинки по запросу photo SUP workout

Watch your posture!
On the SUP board, the correct posture is the most important. Proper posture will help you stay stable on the board to avoid injuries. Keep your back straight throughout your workout, and while moving or flexing in your hips do not disturb your posture. Just look right in front of you and not on your feet and you will gain success.

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